Friday, April 29, 2011

"Sean's Special Dinner......"

As promised, here is the menu and photos of the special dinner made by chef Sean and sous chef Christopher, for Claire, Don, and me, at Cava in Bay Harbor, MI. You'll notice near the bottom of the menu, Sean also included a birthday greeting to Don. ;)

Our first course was sunkiss artichoke, confit of garlic, parsley-lemon aioli, parmesan

Second course was ceviche of diver scallop, blood orange, cucumber, cashews, radish, pea tendril, cucumber-yuzu vinaigrette

Claire's third course was ahi tuna, purple sticky rice, green wakame, wasabi, sweet soy

Don's and my third course was braised pork belly, mung bean noodle, sweet soy, mint, cilantro

Everyone's fourth course was spring carrot, arugula, almond sliver, golden raisin, almond-ver jus vinaigrette

Claire's fifth course was butterfish, baby bok choy, brocollini, mango-yuzu coulis

Don and my fifth course was eye of ribeye, asparagus, preserved lemon, french breakfast radish, "lamb's tounge" mache, crispy shiitake, ramp butter

And finally, our sixth course was "fuielles de brick" dark chocolate pillow, toasted coconut ice cream, strawberry powder

As you can imagine, it was as delicious as it was beautiful! We are VERY PROUD of our Sean. Don't you wish you had a chef in your family? ;)


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lakeview6 said...

i can't recall ever feeling as though i'm about to pass out from envy...