Monday, April 11, 2011

"An Early Birthday Gift......"

As you may remember, I celebrated my birthday earlier this month. Well, my birthday isn't the only one celebrated this month.....Don's birthday is April 25th. Not only does he celebrate his birthday this month, but it is a "Special Birthday".....he turns 60! Yes, I have trouble believing it, too......he looks and acts so much younger!

And in honor of this "Special" event......I bought him a kayak to help keep him active (as if he wasn't active enough with his recumbent bikes, eh?). He now is the owner of a beautiful red, Wilderness Tsunami 120. There was no way that I could surprise him with this, so I had to ask if he would like one. His immediate answer was YES! We actually went to look at kayaks on my birthday, but waited until last Saturday to decide on going for it. After all, there are "other issues" in having a for one and transporting them for another. ;) He picked this one out after sitting in several and getting the feel of how they fit. The seat in the Tsunami is fantastic! The paddler is able to custom fit it (back height, thigh lift) with a few pulls on some lines.

And how could I expect him to go out on the water alone? I couldn't, so bought myself a solo canoe. I am now the owner of a 13' Wenonah Fusion (Royalex). I wanted to sit a bit higher and have my legs angle down from the seated position. This is the first canoe that I sat in that has foot braces. Yes, it has been awhile for me. ;) It also has a rudder that is controlled using the tops of my feet while they are against the foot braces.

We're both looking forward to many happy times out on the water. :)

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Barb said...

SO COOL!! Now all you need is a couple of trailers to hook to your bikes. ;-)