Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"The NEW Union South!"

Don and I went to the open house of the New Union South on Saturday. The place is FANTASTIC! We parked in the underground parking garage, walked up 1 flight of stairs, which is still below ground level, and into this "activity area". Imagine our surprise when we saw the 2 story climbing wall!

I asked Don to go a little further into the area, and he mentioned that the floor was "squishy". I "assumed" he meant that it was sort of bouncy like a wrestling mat, but when I stepped onto its surface, it was like walking on a Tempur-Pedic mattress!

I tried to get a photo from up in the gallery, too, but the access to it was locked.

Also in the "activity area" were 8 lanes of bowling.

And a number of pool tables. I'm pretty sure we saw more pool tables in at least one other area in the building, too.

As I mentioned earlier, this was below ground level. There were still 3 more floors above us to explore..........some of which will be in tomorrows blog post. ;)

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