Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Union South Open House Continued......"

On the ground level, we went into this large eating/entertainment area located on one end of the building. I want to say on the east end, but I am not sure about that. It has a very large table/chair section, plus a huge stage/dance floor(?).

And.....a 2nd level balcony with more seating.

This photo gives you a better idea as to how large the space is.

Don found a comfortable place to sit for a moment, too. These booths were quite nice as their height and curved design gave some privacy, but also seemed to "soften" the rooms "clutter noise".

I "believe" this balcony/seating area was accessible from the area which had the large curved booth from the last photo. Truthfully, there were so many doors that led to outdoor seating, that I'm not exactly sure this is where I "think" it is. ;)

A view of the water feature. I overheard someone say that all of the rain which falls on the building and balconies is collected and directed into an underground storage system that feeds this water feature. I don't have that as fact though.........

To be continued......

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