Monday, November 1, 2010

"I Missed It........."

While I was in Michigan visiting family, I missed Friday nights happy hour, which was Griffin's 1st one! Here he is with Mom Charlie (wrapped in a blanket I knit for him). ;)

Seth, Lonny, and Rob made an early appearance, too. I wonder why Seth looks dazed........could it be something that Rob is saying? ;)

Bridget and Tracie brought over Evie to preview her Halloween costume (a rather coy looking vampire, eh?), although when she arrived here last night, she wore something different.

Mary and Kim (holding Ruby) chat with new parents Charlie and Lonny........

Seth holding daughter Nevada and Becca, Andy and Angela's daughter.....a nice balance, eh?

Uncle Rob takes charge of Benjamin for a bit, too. Nevada's Mom, Erin, is in the foreground.

The happy hour was a success and I missed it.....sigh.....but last Friday's made up for it. We had a nice group and as a bonus, we had one last night, too, with it being Halloween. Photos were taken and will be posted soon........

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