Friday, November 19, 2010

"Take It Away Barb!"

I'd offered Barb and Geoff our two "Dwarf Fruit Trees", a Sweet Cherry and a Peach. Barb took me up on the cherry tree this past Wednesday, coming over with helper, Robin ("The Muscle").

Here they are ready to start digging.......

I'd offered the trees to them because, #1.....I wasn't sure there has been enough sunlight to really allow them to be "fruitful", and #2.....I "think" the squirrels/chipmunks stole whatever fruit did begin to grow. Call me frustrated/defeated or anything on that order.....and you'd be correct. They also ate all "but ONE", of our strawberries this year, and all, "but ONE", of our Summer and Zucchini Squash (actually they ate the blossoms of those....10 plants!). So....I've pretty much given up with vegetable gardening in our yard. We'll see how I feel come Spring, eh? :)

The Dwarf Sweet Cherry Tree is dug out and loaded into the plastic bushel basket/tub, ready to be transplanted into a friendlier environment at their house. The tree will be in a spot that receives full sun, so that in itself should make a huge difference.

As a bonus, Barb got to meet and hold Griffin, Lonny and Charlie's little boy, for the first time. Her comment was, "Geoff will be so jealous!". ;)

If they choose not to take the peach tree, I will try to be more aggressive this coming Spring and cover the tree with mesh to try and hold off the "hoards" of peach predators. That would be a BIG step in curing any frustration if I could prevent them from enjoying our peaches! Who knows where this could lead, eh? ;)


Barb said...

Oh! You beat me to blogging! I guess I better get going on my cherry tree post. Thanks for the great pictures, and thanks for the tree!

lakeview6 said...

Not only will the cherry get full sun, it'll have enhanced protection from critters, too, as Barb is expressing interest in a 20-gauge shotgun. "Fair warning."