Monday, November 29, 2010

"Our Thanksgiving........"

This Thanksgiving was "my" first one.....EVER.......that I neither cooked, nor went to family, or a friends home for dinner. We actually went out to a restaurant for dinner. I must admit, I enjoyed it. :) True, no leftovers, which I do love, but they seem to linger on way too long.........

So, not having to decide what to make, but only on where to go, we settled on The Old Feed Mill in Mazomanie, WI, about a 35-45 minute drive from Madison. We'd been there with friends for dinner before, ordering off the menu, but for Thanksgiving, they offered only a buffet, which was delicious! It was large enough to have the traditional holiday foods, but small enough to make the decision of what to take not overwhelming, although the dessert table had a multitude of choices for the taking......thank goodness everything was cut small so you could have a nice little array of taste treats without overindulging. ;)

When there for dinner before, we'd been seated on the main floor and didn't even know there was seating upstairs, where our table was located this time. The room in which we sat was bright and sunny, which brought out the vibrant colors of all the quilts which hung on the walls. A truly "homey" and cozy atmosphere....perfect for the holiday.

Realizing I hadn't taken a photo when we'd sat done, nor during dinner, I made Don sit back down as we were leaving so that I could take a photo to have for posting on the blog........and to document the event of "my" first time out for the holiday.

A quick (and somewhat blurry) photo of where the buffet was set up as Don walks through towards the stairwell. There was another upstairs dining room on that end of the building, too. Don had mentioned at work where we were going for dinner and someone told him they'd been to a wedding reception at The Old Feed Mill....and, you guessed it, it was held upstairs. I wasn't privy to that information until we had already been sat at our table. ;)

Another quick photo on our way out.....a "Threshing Machine" which was used for blowing the chaff (seed coverings/trash) away from the grain.

We had a wonderful time! The weather predictions didn't come close to being correct on what a beautiful day it turned out to be....instead of "possible" snow/sleet, it was bright and sunny. The drive to and from Mazomanie was as pleasant as the dinner. ;)


Barb said...

Glad you guys had a nice time. We may have passed you on teh road at some point. We went out to Rick and Sarah's for a lovely and very non-traditional meal.

MollyBeees said...

I went there one year! Nice! Love the picture of Don in front of the quilt!