Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Cava- Bay Harbor, MI"

As some of you know, Sean, my youngest son, is a chef. While visiting Patrick, Julie, and Abigail, I drove up to Petoskey, MI, to visit him for a day as well.

He is now working at Cava, in Bay Harbor, MI, which is just south of Petoskey, on the shore of Little Traverse Bay, which is a part of Lake Michigan.

Cava is closed on Sunday's and Monday's now that the summer tourist season is past, so I met Sean at the restaurant on the drive into town. He had to check stock and place an order, so what better way for me to see his place of work? I was free to wander around and take photos. ;)

The menu cover........

And on the inside lower right......most important to me.........Sean's name. ;)

While in the little office, I made Sean look up from working on his order......he has never been good at smiling for a photo (he might get better if he lived with someone as persistent as Don, eh?)

A view of Bay Harbor's Main Street from inside Cava's entry way.

Also from the entry, main dining area is behind the wall on the left, bar to the right, main kitchen behind that (not shown), and server area past the columns. There is also more dining areas/private rooms, on the upper level, and access to those are by stairs to the right from where this photo was taken.

The bar from the entry........

The pizza oven between the bar and main kitchen......

A view of the main kitchen area. The prep room, which is the same size as this area, is behind the wall on the right, with stock room, cooler/freezer walk-ins off of that.

The dining area from the end closest to the hostess station (which is behind a wall, so no drafts into the dining area caused by the front entry). :)

And from the opposite end........

The outside wall of the dining area is all windows (facing south), overlooking the patio, which, in turn, overlooks the marina and some of the residential area.

The opposite side of this strip of land (one peninsula which forms the marina's bay) is Little Traverse Bay, and past that, the open water of Lake Michigan.

A truly beautiful location for dining.

Tomorrow, more of my day with Sean........

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