Friday, November 5, 2010


Halloween started out quiet enough, with Don and me going out on the deck to drink our afternoon coffee. Charlie saw us out there and came over for a short visit, so I got to hold Griffin.

Don walked over to Mary and Made's to snap this photo of their halloween decorations.

Jamie brought Maggie over to show us her squirrel costume. Maggie wasn't bothered by it at all but she is such an active dog that it just wouldn't stay in place. She got her homemade dog treat and was quite happy about it. :)

Rob had hosted his brother Todd (far right) and brother John, with girlfriend Crystal, to watch some football game, and Don got a photo of them as they were leaving. Todd has just recently returned from walking the entire Appalachian Trail. It took him around 6 months. Quite and undertaking, eh? Congrats to him!

Made' was getting into the spirit of Halloween......

Angela stopped by for a bit, too, bringing along Becca AND their Halloween candy bowl, so she could pass out candy from our deck, too.

Becca happily sitting on Susan's lap without her costume hat on.....she can see!

Benjamin in his costume. Checking out the chips....he does love'em.

Perry came over dressed as his dog Zoe.....his standard Halloween attire. :)

Kim and Brian's daughter, Ruby, in her frilly lady bug costume.

Neighbors Bridget, Evie, and Tracie, put in a costumed appearance. Ben and Daria (far left) check out a group in the street. It is hard to fully see it, but they have a bumble bee costume on their dog.

Simon on the left, Evie, Simon's brother Oliver, and Mom Robin, with 2 other Trick or Treaters from their little group.

Don wandered down to Kim and Brian's (Red Wings shirt) to take a few photos of their decorations. It coincided with Krista and Jacob's visit with twins Zoe and Kai. Krista's Mom is in the violet jacket. I should know the other 2 guys, but can't remember their names.......Colin on the porch, perhaps?

Host Brian with Krista and "Raggedy Zoe".

Halloween was a big success in our neighborhood. We basically had a small happy hour, which included 4 households and our candy bowls, Lonny/Charlie had friends over and a fire pit burning in their front yard (I hear smores were featured), and Mary/Made' had friends over, too, enjoying a fire pit on their deck, as well. It was a busy and fun filled time! :)

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MollyBeees said...

So many wonderful costumes! I am SO going as that red gecko thing next year!!!