Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Yesterday's Bike Ride......"

We've been extremely fortunate this Fall with our weather. Yesterday it was once again a gorgeous day! Cool, yes.....upper 40's to 50 degrees, with bright sunshine, but none the less beautiful.

After doing some things around the house (routine chores, but feeding my fiber addiction a little, too), I went for a 9.9 mile bike ride. I should have cruised up and down our street to make an even 10 miles, but didn't. I remembered not only to take the camera, but I actually hung it from my wrist so that I had easy access to it (which wouldn't allow me to forget I had it, too).

My first stop wasn't too far from home. I took the Southwest Commuter Bike Path, which runs right behind our house, towards the University and town. The photo shows part of the wooded area near Glenway Golf Course and Forest Hill Cemetery, where some construction had been done to slow rain water from eroding the gully. I had never seen the "mini dams" before, and liked the perspective, so snapped the photo.

Next stop for my ride's photo documentary was at Oakland Avenue where I snapped a shot of UW's Camp Randall Stadium and the Field House. It always amazes me when I realize how close we are to the University. I guess I drive or ride by it so frequently that most of the time I have become immune to that fact.

Another view of Camp Randall Stadium from further along the bike path.......

I followed the Southwest Commuter Bike Path to Monona Bay, where I turned onto the Capitol City Trail, which took me to Lake Monona. I followed the bike path along John Nolen Drive towards Olin Park.

I stopped to take a photo of the lake because of this flock of migrating ducks. I "assume" they are migrating due to the large number.....I could be wrong though.

Could they possibly be Black Scoters? I admit I am totally ignorant when it comes to knowing ducks....beyond Mallard's that is......[I received an email a bit later in the AM....suggesting the ducks were "Coots". After "Googling" them and checking out photos, Molly Bee is most likely correct.] :)

The final photos for today were taken at Olin Park, where the Christmas electrical display is set up for the annual event. We'll drive through it at night when my daughter, Claire, visits next month. It is always very bright and pretty. Hopefully, there will be some snow on the ground when we drive would add to the Christmas mood.

A view of downtown Madison from the highest part (to my knowledge) of Olin Park.

Tomorrow, the last photos of yesterdays bike ride.......


MollyBeees said...

Beautiful pics! I love this time of year. I think your ducks are Coots. I fished a sick one of the lake around there one time. Google them-their feet are camo'ed and look like seaweed! Cool!

lakeview6 said...

Ah, “Nail’s Tales,” one of my favorite sculptures. A more in-your-face expression of the heart of democracy -- football, that is -- we could not have.