Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Tuesday's Bike Ride....."

After riding along Wingra Creek from Olin Park, I stopped at the new dam outside of Vilas Park. I must tell you, the air quality had a "crispness" to it that I can't quite define. I think that those of you who have lived in the northern parts of our country with it's changing seasons, will be able to identify with what I mean.

My plan was to walk through the zoo, but a sign said no bikes allowed. I thought at this time of year, with me walking my bike, I "might" have gotten away with it, but chose not to take the chance. So, while riding past the zoo, I was lucky enough to find the American Bison visible through the fence. He/she was ambling slowly over towards the drinking fountain.

Not necessarily a better photo, but another one of this great animal......notice another one on the far left?

The last stop before arriving home from my ride was in Vilas Park, just before I reached the beach pavilion. The Canadian Geese were grazing and I decided to take one last photo........which ended up being 2 photos. ;)

My last photo.....I zoomed in with my lens for a better shot of these beauties.

Yesterday was sort of rainy and not so nice, so I did not go for a ride. Today is "supposed" to be sunny once again, so I plan on going for another bike ride. No destination plans as yet..........


MollyBeees said...

Am loving your bike ride photos. I think it would be perfectly fine to walk your bike through the zoo. No one will stop you.

Anonymous said...

А! Lovely post acuto. Non ho mai pensato che fosse così facile. rispetti a voi!