Friday, October 29, 2010

"Last Posting of Abigail's Birthday Party......"

After lunch and birthday cake, it was time to get cleaned up so she could mingle.......

Clean up took a little more time than usual after that birthday cake! Thankfully, Abigail was patient (probably satiated/comatose from the the cake!) and sits nicely while Patrick makes sure she is squeaky clean. Notice the envious look towards Owen who is playing with a balloon?

Finally.....she seems to be looking forward to being social. ;)

Abigail and Julie chat with a co-worker of Patrick's, and his son (unfortunately I do not know their names).

Now we're talking! Another entertaining balloon!

The balloons were a hit with quite a few people! Here is Uncle Sean helping with creating electric static so that the balloons would "stick".

"It's time for him to play with me!"........"No it isn't....he stays with me!"

Changed into her party dress, Abigail and Julie "mingle" once again.

Time to open birthday presents! Abigail does love her cards!

And another balloon! YES!

Don's iPad was a hit with Uncles Sean and Jim.

Hmmmmmmm......playing it accordion style?

Jim preferred the one handed flat style. The iPad also entertained everyone with a slide show of family photos, then went on to specific albums, too.

A somewhat tired Abigail says goodbye, thanked everyone for her wonderful presents, and for helping celebrate her special day.

We all had a very nice time! Cheers for many, many more! ;)

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