Thursday, October 14, 2010

"More Presents!"

Once again, the wrapping paper was pretty interesting....especially this was shiny!

Abigail patiently looks on while Mom cuts the packing tape. Don made sure the box would stay closed under ALL conditions! ;)

"Old MacDonald Had a Farm" interactive book!

Another book!

Abigail begins to read the book to herself......but verbalizes out loud, too. She even had a cadence as if she was truly reading! Wonder where she learned that, eh? ;)

Ohhhhh......another box among the books......with more pretty paper!

A tie-dyed "onesie" to grow into!

Abigail was enjoying the finger puppet books!

This one had a polar bear head finger puppet active throughout the story.

A book with Earl, the family dog, as the babysitter. A very cute book.....and Earl looked much like their dog Morgan.

The empty boxes were about as much fun as what came in them. The Dutch Rabbit in the foreground not only is soft and cuddly, but also hand puppet.

The flexibility of little children, eh? Aunt Claire sent the soft soccer ball (Abigail's Aunt Claire, Uncle Sean, and Daddy Patrick, were all players, so she may well be, too) and soft rainbow book to Abigail for her birthday. The book has little figures that come out to play.......literally......they are attached to the book by ribbons and sit in little pockets when not playing. ;)

The birthday visit continues tomorrow.......


Barb said...

Um, are you guys kinda getting into this grandpa thing?

Gee, is she the first grandkid/niece?

I'm not sure Abigail has enough cool toys and books, you guys better get going on Xmas!

:) :) :)

MollyBeees said...

OMGosh! She is just the cutest, sweetest, most adorable thing! And she's a lucky little one to have two such wonderful grandpas!