Friday, October 15, 2010

"Abigail's Birthday Visit Continued........"

Abigail did slow down for a "short" time........long enough to settle in my arms to take a bottle. If it hadn't been for wanting her bottle, she'd not have done it.......she hadn't seen us since last April, so really didn't know who we were......who could blame her for being "standoffish"?

One hand on the checking out my facial hair. Patrick (her Dad, my son) has facial hair, too, so maybe she sees some similarities? Wow.....this photo really shows off my "natural" monk's tonsure, too.

Back onto the floor as soon as the bottle was empty. Ms. Busy Buns! And you haven't seen anything yet. Wait until Don processes a couple of the movies he took. ;)

With a little help, Abigail got onto her rocking horse and "rode like the wind"......literally! Just wait until the movie comes out! ;)

Then on to the littlest horse......

This was kind of like an out of order story of the 3 Bears.....1st- Papa Horse, then Baby Horse, then Mama Horse.....but in this case, they ALL fit nicely.

Grandpa Don, "Mr. Limber", got down onto the floor and played ball with Abigail. He'd give it to her and she'd toss it.

They then moved on to the large pink soccer ball.........

After that, the big blue soccer ball came out....think 3 Bears theme all over again. ;) Although, I do seem to remember a green one in the mix, too.

Abigail and Dad Patrick having a little chat........

Grandpa Don back on duty of watching Abigail while Patrick checks out Don's iTouch and it's multitude of photos.

More from our Michigan visit on Monday......

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