Monday, October 18, 2010

"Crystal Mountain Resort"

As I mentioned earlier, Don and I stayed at Crystal Mountain Ski & Golf Resort. Our room, which looked like a 2 story condo from outside, was just off the map on the lower left side. The entire resort is like a small village and is really very beautiful/cute/ adjective along those lines. ;)

I'm standing in front of the main chair lift. Unfortunately, we missed the scheduled time that it was running which allowed people to ride up for the view.

A view towards the north end of the resort from the ski lodge. You also can see the bottom of the Alpine Slide. Later in the day and after Abigail's birthday party, Don was going to go on the slide but was about 5 minutes too late in getting to the ticket window. We'd dawdled too long beforehand and didn't make the 6PM deadline.

Sean met us at the resort and became "tour guide" for us. He'd worked at Crystal Mountain while attending culinary school and living with his brother Patrick, whose house is about 1/2 hour from the resort. This is a view from up near the top of the mountain.

This is also the same view that some of the rental condos have.

This particular set of rental condos, Mountain Top Condos, are built so each has a spectacular view regardless of the direction it faces.

Our tour guide Sean and I look on as Don takes more than just the "view photo" I requested. ;)

I copied this photo from Crystal Mountains web site to show you the Mountain Top Condos from a higher elevation. Beautiful, isn't it?

We left the resort soon afterwards to help set up for Abigail's birthday party.

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