Friday, October 1, 2010

"This and That........"

Julie sent me more current photos of Abigail and included some from their trip over to Port Austin, in Michigan's Thumb, and also where Julie grew up. Her parents have a farm and Julie's horse lives there until the kids sell their homes (yes, Julie's condo is still up for sale...sigh, plus their house is now, too) and they can find a farmstead to buy.

Here is Julie with Abigail. I "think" this is the first time Abigail has been on a real horse. Patrick did tell me that Abigail's Michigan Grandparents bought her a "rocking horse" of her own, but I believe this is her first "real" horse.

A shrug I knit and sent to Maniphone. Pretty nice fit, eh? ;) Jonathan had a suggestion for her as to how to wear it, but I won't go into it here. A really interesting suggestion though.........I guess the stories about "those quiet ones" has a ring of truth to it. ;)

Maniphone and Henry at his tennis lesson. He celebrated his 4th Birthday a few weeks ago. Where does the time go???

Last Sunday we rode over to the Willy Street Fair. Here is a photo of "Navan" a Celtic singing group. We first met Elizabeth (2nd from right) and husband Adam (not shown) when they were at Lonny and Charlie's one night, then had a chance to chat with them once again while at Lonny and Charlie's baby shower. As you can see, they too, are expecting a child soon. Both Don and I enjoy them very much.....the couple AND Navan! ;)

Don noticed this growing on a tree in our backyard and took some photos of it. Truly a beautiful organic shape! He, in my opinion (and I'm sure in many others), is an excellent photographer.


MollyBeees said...

Awesome fungus! That shrug (and Maniphone) is too cute!

Biologic said...

Looks like you have chicken mushrooms. Yum!

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