Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Abigail's Birthday......"

As I mentioned yesterday, we stopped at Patrick, Julie's, and Abigail's on the way to our weekend accommodations. It worked out well since we were then able to spend some time with them, having Abigail get a little more used to us, and have her open her birthday presents from us, too. As you can see, "getting used to us" was a fleeting thing.......she was "OK" with being held, but for a very short time only.......that wasn't a smile for the camera but a plea for "let me down, let me down". :)

Her interest was caught by the ribbons on her presents......she found them VERY interesting.

Getting a different view of the "springy" things.......

After she pushed the packages around the floor (they slid easily along on the carpeting), she sat down for a closer look at the ribbons again.

Mom Julie helped her get started with opening her packages.......

She got into ripping the paper off when she understood how that worked.

More things to pull out! She did enjoy her card, too.......although it is set aside on the floor so that she could see and pull other things from the open box.

This is the little "hoodie" that I knitted for her. She can grow a little more before she wears it. My hope is that Patrick and Julie will take and send a photo to us of her in it.

Tomorrow.....opening the present from Grandpa Don.

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