Friday, June 18, 2010

"Zoe and Kai's 1st Birthday!"

Twins Zoe and Kai celebrated their 1st birthday with us on the deck. It could "almost" be considered a 1st anniversary, too, since they made an appearance at happy hour when they were less than 24 hours old.

Here are Dad Jacob, holding Kai, and Mom Krista, holding Zoe.

David, a friend of theirs, was bearer of the cake, ice cream, paper plates, and forks.

The candle will soon be blown out, but Kai had already a taste of what was to come. Hmmmmm....from the looks of it, Zoe may possibly be "daintily" taking a wee taste, too. :)

Christine, a friend of Jacob and Krista's, neighbor Mary on the steps, and Michelle, a co-worker of Don's (her 1st time with us for happy hour).

Michelle is also a fiber enthusiast. I took her in and gave her a tour of my fiber "stuff". Here she is turning the crank of my circular sock machine.

Michelle also brought a friend of hers along, Lisa, with neighbors Rob, Seth, holding daughter Nevada, and Made', keeping an eye on things.

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