Monday, June 21, 2010

"Garage Sale...."

Ugh! For those of you who have taken the time to set up a garage sale, you know what I mean when I say "Ugh!". I give MANY, MANY thanks to Don for sorting through a multitude of boxes, closets, and basement, making that end of the business much easier. I had the joy of sitting outside for the sale. :) I know I had the better part of the deal, too, which, while I was sitting there, I did not appreciate.

Fortunately, many of our things were given away or sold prior to the garage sale. We asked neighbors and other friends to take a walk in the garage and take whatever hit their fancies, although we did sell a couple of major items, too. Don sold 2 of his bikes that he had used in times prior to his becoming a recumbent lover, and a couple of larger items were happily carried and placed in friends cars, so when I opened the garage door for the sale, everything was under control. ;)

The garage sale was the idea of Christina and Christen, who have since moved back to Arizona, as Christina finished her post graduate degree at the university. This photo shows Lonny and Charlie's house with their sun rooms set up (one of which we enthusiastically gave them for their future camping trips) with their sale items set in and around them. Charlie was nice enough to be responsible for items from a few other neighbors, too.

I have already eaten the words "I will never again have a garage/yard sale" by having this sale, but once again I say......."NEVER AGAIN"! I truly hope I can stay true to my word this time......... ;)

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