Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Marquette Waterfront Festival"

Ending the garage sale day......Don and I, accompanied by Rob, rode our bikes to the Marquette Waterfront Festival. The day was cloudy but fortunately, no rain (well....it "heavily" misted as we left the festival).

Rob and me with some brew........

We saw Erin and Seth, with daughter Nevada, along with a friend of theirs (unfortunately, I've forgotten her name) soon after we arrived at the festival. The park was packed with revelers and the music was great!

Rob is entertaining......... ;)

A band from Texas was playing while we were there. Their salsa music urged and succeeded in having people get up and dance. The whole park became a dance floor! It was a very happy celebration! Hopefully, next year we'll see some of you out there with us! :)

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TTWriter said...

Niles and I were there, too, but much earlier. We saw Limanya and Kikeh Mato, which are both groups from Guinea. My teaching colleague and her partner front both groups. They were great and inspired a lot of dancing, too. In Niles's case, they inspired a lot of squirming!