Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Don.....at Bagpipers Camp"

I'll stray a bit from posting more of the Memorial Day cookout photos today. I drove Don to his week long bagpiping camp on Sunday, and he emailed me the photos that he/we took then.

The camp is being held in Delafield, WI, at St. John's Northwestern Military Academy. The academy has a very strong bagpiping class and many of the young men (it is a boys boarding school) returned to campus specifically for this camp, even though their school year is over.

The main entrance to the campus.......

Don in his dorm room. Yes, my friends, it IS spartan.

We walked into the dining hall and Don said, "It looks like Hogwarts". He is, of course, referring to the Harry Potter movies and "Hogwarts School of Wizardry".

The outside of the buildings were very cool, too. This building houses the dining hall, offices, and dorm rooms (including Don's). There are several other buildings surrounding a common area, so I'm "assuming" there are more that house dorm rooms as well.

Another building.......

Most of the buildings are made from the same materials and the campus is quite beautiful.

We walked through these iron gates and into the walled Memorial Garden, called The Columbarium, which is attached to the side of the chapel.

A view from the opposite end. The mother of our friend Penny, of Penny and Sheila fame, has a memorial plaque on the wall of the garden. She was involved with the academy in some capacity, but unfortunately, I don't remember exactly how.

Don has kept me posted as to how camp is going, through emails and phone calls. He is enjoying it very much. Unfortunately, the camp does not have internet service, but thankfully, there is a very nice coffee shop with WiFi a short walking distance from his dorm and it opens early in the morning, too. :)

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MollyBeees said...

I've always wondered what that school looked like up close. Aren't you glad it's safe to say Hogwarts around me now?