Friday, June 25, 2010

"Backyard Camping....."

Maniphone sent me these photos yesterday. Simon and Henry wanted to camp out in their backyard, but they are still too young to do it alone. Jonathan agreed to "go camping".

Here they are in their tent...........

They look too wound up to be going to sleep, don't they?

"Settled down for quiet time........."

Henry is one "happy camper". ;)

The morning report was that they slept through the night and only had a few sprinkles of rain. Simon and Henry enjoyed the experience so much, they wanted to do it again last night......the jury was out on that, last I heard. Definitely a fun and positive experience!

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Maniphone said...

No camping! HUGE storm blew across town last night. We were snuggled up tightly in our little house ;)