Thursday, June 17, 2010

"June 4ths Happy Hour......"

I am so behind in my photos due to the many posts of Memorial Days cookout. At our happy hour of 2 weeks ago, Don was getting our bikes out so people could experience riding his 2 wheeled recumbent, his recumbent trike, and my electric assist.

Here is Made' riding Don's 2 wheeled recumbent.

And there he goes up Gregory Street, while Rob rides towards us on Don's trike.

Here I am giving Made' instructions on the electric assist before he takes off.

Tera, who took the bagpiping class with Don here in Madison, tries out his recumbent, too.

Tera again, as she rides the trike........

Several other happy hour attendees also tried the bikes/trike but unfortunately Don must've been chatting too much to think about documenting their rides by taking photos. Tomorrow is another permitting, eh? :)

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