Friday, June 4, 2010

"The Partier's Arrive!"

Here comes Angela, styling in her new hat.

As many of you know, any babies that come to "deck party's/happy hours" are soon taken away from parents to be held by those others of us who love babies. :) Here is Geoff with Becca, Angela and Andy's daughter.

Barb fits a "felted cozy" onto her bottle of beer, while Rob listens to one of the many conversations going on around them...........Michael and Andy, and a little bit of Lonny, are in the background.

From left to right are: Michael (with Henry barely visible sitting by his feet), Lonny, Anna, Charlie, Tracie, and Bridget's knees. :)

Henry occupying himself while Copper sleeps behind him.

More Memorial Day photos to follow........

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