Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"That Little Old Pasta Maker.....Me!"

As some of you may remember, Don had bought me a Kitchen Aide Mixer awhile back. He also bought numerous "attachments" for it as well, which I have not been good about trying/using. I finally made the conscious decision to begin using the pasta maker, and am VERY happy that I did! Yes, it does take a little time, but the pasta is SOOOOOOO worth it!

I begin by mixing the pasta dough (using our "girls" fresh eggs, too!) in the mixer using the dough hook. Then I divide it into several balls of dough and begin running it through the rollers. This process reminds me of the wringer washer my mother used when I was a young child.

Starting with setting #1, the dough is run through several times, folding it and stretching it until I feel it is "done" with that setting, then it is set aside and I do the same thing to the rest of the dough balls.

I set them aside between each setting so they have a short time to dry, sometimes dusting them with a little flour, too, which makes it easier for them to go through the next thinner setting.

When they are thin enough for me, I then hang them on the drying rack or lie them flat, turning them occasionally, to dry them enough to make the cutting (to make noodles) easier.

If the pasta dough is too moist, the noodles will stick to each other and not cut or dry, nicely.

Of course, the longer the flat piece of pasta, the longer the noodles.......

Just about finished.......

The cut noodles on the drying rack.

Place in boiling water and they are done in a few minutes (compared to 10 or more for store bought), ready for whatever is planned for them. They truly are light and fluffy, very different from the bags of noodles bought from the store, which in comparison, seem rubbery now. If you've not had homemade, I certainly would recommend trying some.........maybe I should make some dinner reservations? ;)

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Barb said...

oooh, I'm totally inspired! Gwen and Dave gave us a pasta maker for xmas that we haven't tried yet. I guess I bdtter get to that. And yeah, go ahead, invite us over for dinner! ;)