Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"June's Crank In....."

I went to the monthly circular sock machine crank in last Saturday. Basically, I drove to the Hawthorne Branch Library where it is held, unloaded, set up, began working, got frustrated, packed up, and came home. Truthfully, that is a little simplistic, but I was home within a few hours. The yarns I had taken with me had been "squished" somewhat and would not feed easily from the cardboard tube. It kept hanging up, and after knitting, unraveling, and rewinding the 3 colors I had, I figured it was a lost cause that morning. So I packed up and came home where I set up my ball winder and rewound all of the yarns, so I had at least some positive results for the day. ;)

Here are mentors Barbara (smiling) and Pat (cranking), with Renice in the background. Renice had asked me to try and dye some yarn she had bought, which I did yesterday. I knit a short tube of her yarn and added a short tube of my yarn next to it so that I could see how hers took the dye compared to mine. It was a sad experiment. My yarn took the dye nicely, while hers became a muddy and dull mess. Unfortunately, she has quite a bit of the yarn......hopefully she likes knitting white socks!

More of the attendees at the crank in.......

Pat following my request for a smile. ;)

My next organized crank in will be in Laconia, New Hampshire, when I attend the National Convention of Circular Sock Machine enthusiasts. Jacquie Grant, the owner of the only company which currently manufactures circular sock machines, the New Zealand Auto Knitter, or NZAK, will be attending the convention. She will also be attending a local "meet and greet" gathering of "crankers" in Mineral Point, WI, while visiting Barbara on her way east to the convention. I will be missing the event as I have another commitment. Hopefully, I will meet her at the convention.

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