Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Some Textiles...."

I finished the 3rd sweater using the basic pattern that I received from Andy and Angela's b-day card, experimenting with the pattern once again, making it a vest instead of a sweater with long sleeves. I'm happier with knitting it "in the round", rather than knitting 4 pieces and then sewing them together. Picking up stitches for the sleeves seems to work better for me, too. The photo doesn't pick up the color of the yellow too well, because it is actually a little brighter, more "buttery". I've since knitted a stocking cap to go along with it.

Here is the finished "chair rug". It is VERY long.....I need to work on keeping better track measuring the length of my weaving as it is woven. You may recall that my runner was longer than planned, too......enough so, that I had cloth left to sew some into a hot pad as well. I'm pleased with the chiar is VERY, VERY soft and feels good sitting against it.

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