Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Cold and Hot....."

I have a few photos from other sources today. Maniphone has contributed the first 3. Jonathan has been training for cross country ski races this winter and entered one a few weeks ago. These photos are from that event.

27th Annual
Finlandia Ski Marathon
February 15-17, 2008

62 1065 JONATHAN HAUG M 33 GRAND FORKS ND 2:19:30.7 WAVE 1

Henry ,pointing at "Daddy", and Simon........ (I'm making that up....I don't know what he is pointing to.) :)

"Here he comes!" Jonathan in the red......

Simon had brought along his ski's, too. Here he is crossing the finish line while Jonathan and Henry look on.........

My cousin Kim, on the right, with her college friend, Kristin, whom Don knew as a child. We didn't know about this connection until we looked at an online photo album of Kim's travels around the US after moving back from France. Small world, eh?

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