Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Home Show, Bird Show, and Tomatoes...."

Even though it seemed a low keyed weekend, it was filled! Friday night, we went out to eat with Penny and Sheila, at Babe's, a sports bar/restaurant, where Piano Fondue were going to perform that night. Dinner was a long drawn out affair because we "needed " those seats, staying until the performance. We had a fantastic time!

The next day was the annual Home Show at the Alliant Center. Only one photo from that.....can you imagine having a floor with any of these colors? Beautiful, but I think I'd stick with plain old wood colors......

On Sunday, we went to the monthly bird show, held in Monona. We needed some new toys for Zack's cage and play stand. I ran into Norm, whom I met while volunteering at the Bird Sanctuary, before it moved to the other side of Stoughton, WI. He is holding a Ringneck Parrot that was not too tame when he arrived, but would be before the show was over. He is an amazing man who loves birds and it shows. He has been battling cancer for years, and is still holding his own. May he continue to do so........

These 2 Blue and Gold Macaw's caught Don's eye. He would LOVE to have a Macaw, but has not made up his mind to get one yet. He thinks we don't have room on our spacious house. :) That is why he received "Squawker's Macaw" for Christmas, which looks almost exactly like these real ones.

And lastly, an "out of focus" photo of the growing cherry tomatoes. They won't be ripe for picking by March 10th (the approximate date that the instructions said they should be ready for harvest), but it will be soon. There are many little ones on the 2 red cherry tomato plants, and the yellow tomato plant is holding its own, growing larger daily.

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Barb said...

Hi Michael, Thanks for the great posts. I love the table runner! I can't wait to see your chair rug. It's fun to see the yarns ahead of time. The tomatoes are totally impressive. Excellent all 'round!