Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Another One Down...."

Andy and Angela had a tree removed from their backyard last week. It was a walnut tree and I have to agree, it was a good one to get rid of! :) In my opinion, walnut trees are too messy for a yard, having had 2 when living in the farmhouse outside of Niles, MI. After constructing their new back deck, having the tree gone will be so much nicer for them. It will now be filled with sunshine and not covered leaves/twigs/staining walnut husks.

If it had not been a snow covered landscape, I would have gone over to get photos from a closer vantage point, but being the lazy person I am, I took them from our front deck. :)

Here it begins to be taken down.......

Some gone, but more to go......

These men have to have stomachs of steel! I could not get up there and trim off branch after branch, leaving less with each cut, to climb down from.........with a chainsaw, no less!!!

The tree is gone and the electric service is being reconnected. The tree service had a perfectly beautiful day to do their work, although very cold. A job well done, eh? :)

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Andrew said...


I do think this is one tree that won't be missed. Not only was it messy but it was also harmful. The nuts falling off of that thing could really hurt if it hit you in the head.