Friday, March 14, 2008

"Some New, Another Old....."

This is the new part of todays blog entry. When Sandy visited with her friend Allison last weekend, Allison asked if I would knit her dog a sweater. She has a dachshund and has trouble finding a sweater that has legs short enough for her/him. After searching online, coming up with one that I tried, then tore out, I looked in a boxed daily calendar that my friend Debbie, from Florida, sent me. Yep....found it in there (January 30, 2008 page).

Another friend, Angela, had cleaned out her stash of yarn, giving me some of it, and it was from that yarn, that I found what I knitted the dog sweater in: Lion Brand, Wool Ease Worsted.

Here is the finished sweater.......

And since we do not have a dog small enough to try it on, we used one of Coppers stuffed toys to help give the illusion of a dog wearing it. :)

This is the old, but including some new as well, part of the entry. The sweater vest has already been posted, but I added a knitted stocking cap to the outfit. Decided they needed to be shown together, since they are a set, and actually, the yellow of the yarn came out better in this photo than the previous one showing the vest.

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Maniphone said...

I love, love the baby vest/cap and the dog sweater. So cute, especially the model for the dog sweater! You are just amazing!