Monday, March 17, 2008

"Impromptu Gathering...."

It seems that Friday night gatherings have begun. :) Michael came over to ask if we were interested in having a gathering on our deck, but we said no, it was already in shade, and not warm like it had been in the sun. We went about our business, having dinner (I grilled outside!), when we got a call from Lonnie, saying we should join them out in their driveway, which, of course, we did. We all stayed until the sun had gone too far down to give anymore warmth. :)

left to right: Michael, Anna, Charlie, Lonnie (who was sitting in shirt sleeves prior to our joining heat, I guess), and myself.

Maniphone and Jonathan's old house is still for sale. The new Realtor has been doing a great job of showing it, as are other Realtors, but it just hasn't "captured" anyones heart enough yet, I guess. We've all gotten a kick out of the "add-on" sign....."Seriously!"

Another shot of the group just before we went back into our warm houses. :) (notice the sun no longer was on the "gathering spot"?)

Angela stopped by to say hi. She was on her way to spend the night at a friends. Work had begun in earnest in her house, with Andy and Rob tiling and painting, so she wasn't allowed to stay because of the fumes. It has been a "work-a-thon" over there this past weekend, actually starting on Friday. Andy took Friday off to begin working on the remodeling, wanting to get most of the painting done by Sunday night. I went over last night to check on the progress and the baby's room was finished as was the downstairs sitting room off of the kitchen. The kitchen cupboards were almost completed, and probably would be finished after I left. It will be awhile before the upstairs bathroom is completed though. The tile around the tub is done, and the floor tile goes down today. Rob is a man who has the skills to do anything! Andy has a good mentor. :)
It is harder to see in this photo, but Angela's pregnancy is showing quite a bit. She is back to feeling good....her first 3 months were not enjoyable at all. Michael always has a smile for the camera.

Anna, busily knitting a shawl/wrap....finally something for herself! :) Not sure what that little smirk on Charlie's face is all about. :)

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Amy said...

First of all, what are you doing up at 3:34 a.m? Second of all, I am jealous. Looks like you had a good time and Angela's nursery sounds farther along and I am due 2 months before her. :-)