Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Knockin' at the Front AND Back Doors....."

Knockin' at the front door......Anna and Michael stopped by on Sunday to say hi. Anna had just completed a knitted baby block and wanted to show it to us. I'm sure it is first of many for her. :) Great smile, eh?

And then with Michael, Mr. Photogenic himself. :) They have just bought themselves a tandem bike and soon after leaving us, they'd be taking off for a ride.

Don wearing my "chair rug". He'd gone to get it to show Anna. Especially with his beard, it DOES look like a prayer shawl!

And knockin' at the back door....... Heather and Buffy. As stated in yesterday's blog, we've been allowing them to "free range" in the back yard. They DO seem to love the patio area and spend a good amount of time right where you now see them in this photo. I think they see their reflections, but they also seem to be watching us as well. Maybe both, eh? They do peck at the window occasionally, thus the "knockin".

Whatever the reason, they are outside the door a lot. I won't do it, but Don suggested I open the door to see if they'd walk in.......just what I need more bird s@#! to clean up!!!

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