Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Setting Up and Exploring Chickens...."

After completing my chair "rug", it was time to set up the loom for my next weaving project. This time I am going to weave a wall hanging for our bedroom, mainly in blues, with some contrast colors for accents.

This is the warping frame where the warp is measured and counted out. I'm using 3/2 cotton warp, the color is "Flaxon". The weft will be Lion Brand "Homespun" knitting yarn.

After measuring the warp, it has to be wound onto the looms warp beam. Don helped me do that by winding while I held and kept tension on it. This photo shows the warp spread across the raddle (barely seen on top of the "castle"), keeping it in 1 inch sections. Lower and amongst the warp threads, are the lease sticks, which are used to keep a X (cross) in the warp. I finished threading the warp through the heddles yesterday, tied the warp onto the front metal rod, and wove the heading. Today, I begin the wall hanging! :)

We decided to let the "girls" have some freedom. Their run still has a lot of snow in it, being in the shade as it is, so we allowed them out into the yard. They have been having the best time ever! After being "cooped" up all winter in a 4'x 8' enclosed pen, they are exploring and getting a lot of exercise. They seem enthralled with the back patio area........spending time either looking in at us or seeing their reflection in the glass door. Whatever the reason, they are outside the slider door, spending enough time to leave "droppings" on the patio. I told Don that yesterday was their last time out because of this, but suppose I will relent and give them more time outside of their run........they are enjoying scratching around the yard so much, eating grass and generally just having a good time.

This is Buffy.......

And Heather......

A nice shot f the 2. They hang out together most of the time. About the only time they are not near each other is when one goes in the coop to lay an egg.

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