Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Photo's from Jonathan...."

Fortunately, I received an email from Jonathan (North Dakota) last night which included photos! I had used all of mine and might not have made a blog entry this morning, but since I now have these, I will have his be the subject of today's blog entry.

As some of you know, Jonathan is fast becoming (although not in his eyes) a master woodworker. I have included some photos of his pieces in earlier entries. If I am understanding his email correctly, not only is the piece in progress one of his creations, but the garage wall cabinets/shelving are also some that he built recently. He took some "not so nice" (his opinion) wood and built the storage cabinets. I certainly can't tell from the photo that the wood wasn't perfect, as they look beautiful to me.

The piece he is now crafting, is for their dining room. It will have open shelving on top, a drawer, and closed storage on the bottom.

If I am not mistaken, the clamps were a Christmas gift from 2007, which allow his cabinet making to proceed at a much faster pace than before. I remember it being very exciting when he received them, because it would allow him to be more efficient.

Remember: Click on the photos to enlarge for a closer look. :)

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