Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"It's All About the Etching....."

At the far end of the atrium in the new addition of St. Mary's Hospital, is a large, back lit, etched glass "mural". It can just barely be seen in this photo.

Don wasn't able to take a "full frontal" photo due to the narrowness of the walkway, so had to get the etching "on an angle". The etching depicts the original entrance of St. Mary's Hospital. Welcoming all with open arms, is Mother Odilia Berger, who was the founder of the congregation now known as the Franciscan Sisters of Mary. The Sisters began St. Mary's health care ministry in 1912. (It is a good thing there is a plaque which explains everything, eh?) :)

Here is a close up of Mother Berger, with her "ever present sharing basket", which held goods for those in need, or to hold what others had to give.

I thought the following quote of Albert Schweitzer says it all. (for a hospital AND for us, eh?) :)

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Barb said...

Michael, this is a lovely post. It brought tears to my eyes. Geoff and I are planning a field trip to the new atrium. Thanks for introducing us to it.