Monday, January 28, 2008

"A Gift and a Visit...."

Don's sister, Bonnie, and her husband, Eugene, sent us an Amaryllis bulb for Christmas (they live in Maryland). It began blooming late last week and is beautiful! This first stem has 2 blossoms but the 2nd one has 4! I waited until we had a sunny day before taking it to the front room and snapping this photo. It's home is actually in the sun room, where we spend most of our time.

Zack taking a "close up" view of what I was doing.........

Last Friday, instead of waiting outside for Don to come out from work, I parked and went up to his office. He wanted to show me the new addition to St. Mary's Hospital. in hand, we walked down to check out the new indoor atrium. The architects did a beautiful job of incorporating the brick facade of the original exterior of the hospital, with the newer addition.
The room behind the windows on the lower right is the new Cardiac Center's Rehab/Workout facility, and the walkway outside of those windows is the track for walking laps. There is also a water feature alongside the track. It really is a pleasant and soothing space.

Another view of the former outside wall of the hospital.....with Pato, of course! :)

And behind me, another view of the water feature and it's metal/wooden/glass sculptures.....

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