Tuesday, January 15, 2008

"A Mixture of Photo's....."

When I came home from Michigan last time, I brought back a pair of cowboy boots that belonged to my Dad. I wanted them to go to someone that I knew, rather than just go to Goodwill. The were too large for Lonnie, but fit Rob well, so he took them. Here he is trying them on, making quite a "fashion statement"..........he called them "shit kickers". :)

The Aero Garden has sprouted.....and only 1 week after the pots were "planted". The plant on the left has it's first pair of true leaves, with the others not far behind.

This is a "baby helmet" that I knitted for Julie's nephew, Dakota. I sent this, along with a pair of socks that I knitted for Julie's Mom, Charlene, earlier in the week. Hopefully, both knitted pieces will fit their prospective "wearers". :)

I stopped by Travis and Sara's house yesterday to give them a "baby helmet" that I knitted for Jonas. Luckily, I found them home (Travis and Jonas....Sara is now back teaching), and Jonas awake, finishing his mid morning bottle.

Here is Travis, with Jonas modeling his new hat.......I think he'll be growing into it, eh?

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