Wednesday, January 30, 2008

"The End of My Visit....."

My next stop in the new addition at St. Mary's Hospital, was above and down into the new lobby.

It is hard to see in the photo, but there is a water feature from the ceiling to the floor, with water running between 2 sheets of acrylic panels.

I love the vibrant colors in this mural. I had Don stand there so that you could get an idea as to how tall this mural is NOT short!

Don said that because a number of trees had to be cut down in this area for the addition to be built, the architects used the warmth of wood as part of the design. They even used tree branches in the making of molds, to make special glass panels for in between the corridor and Cardiac Rehab Center (unfortunately, we did not take any photos of them).

Our last stop was back up to his office where we ran into Michelle, a co-worker and friend. She and her partner, Libby, are HUGE bicycle enthusiasts, a definite bond with Don. :)

This is Kathy, another co-worker of Don's. She shares an office with Mary, from whom I bought my loom. Not sure as to what she was pointing to........nothing that wasn't obvious already! :)

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