Friday, January 4, 2008

"More of Christmas Day on Gregory St........"

Here I am with my new Aero Garden! It is an all in one unit that has a timer driven lighting system, so that the indoor plants get the amount of light they need to thrive and produce. I used cherry tomatoes as my 1st set of plants. The seeds come in little "pots" and are set into specific holes in the plant growing area, as you will see in a lower photo. How exciting, eh? According to the literature, we'll be harvesting tomatoes in 10-12 somewhere around March 10th or so..... :)

These are the packaged seed choices that Don purchased extra. Herbs came with it .......... but I wanted to try the tomatoes first. It will also be used to start my plants this spring for our potted deck flowers/vegetables.

We weren't sure if it would be too cool by the back slider door, but decided to give it a try there. Since everything sprouted on time, I guess the temperature is fine. Another benefit of it's being there, is that the parakeets now have brighter light, too.

Pots set in and the wait begins! :) With the tomatoes, 4 spacer pots are used so that these larger plants have room for growth. There are 2 pots of red cherry tomatoes and 1 pot of golden cherry tomatoes. All of the little "plastic domes" are now removed because the sprouts are big enough to begin their FAST growth! :)

And what would Christmas be without a "special" breakfast? :) This is Don's plate (a few more ingredients were used that morning, more than what is in his "normal" omelet) ......I made myself the "usual"....... eggs on top of toast, spread with peanut butter. YUM! :)

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Kim said...

Hey guys. That's a Boulder company if I'm not mistaken! Happy New Year - just enjoyed "connecting" via this fun blog. Thanks for sharing.