Thursday, January 3, 2008

"Christmas Day continued....."

This is our Christmas Tree .........each year there are new ornaments added that have been gifts from friends or relatives, making it very "personal". :) This years additions were: the Wisconsin State Capitol 2007 ornament given to from Don....... Maniphone, Jonathan, Simon, and Henry, sent us 3 "Chicken ornaments" that they found at the museum in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and Jeanan gave us a beautiful Lenox Snowflake.

Here I am "patiently " waiting to open in hand, not realizing that Don expected to do a "little reading" of the Wisconsin State Journal, before we got to them. I held on for awhile, but then decided it was time to begin with the presents!!!

Don's "Squawkers Macaw" was of great interest to Zack and Copper.

One of my gifts was a knitting accessory organizer. Do you think Don is trying to tell me something????? If only it were so easy to store my various yarns.........

This one HAS to be seen by EVERYONE! Don created a hardcover book of our "First Four Years"..........It is soooo cool! Did I get a little "misty"? ME?????? LOL What do you think? :)

I'm also wearing the denim apron that I mentioned once........never realizing that around Christmas time, "someone" really listens to what I talk about. Perhaps now, I will not ruin my clothes with stains that never want to wash out? :) Hummmmmm........I may have to nonchalantly mention a lot of things next year, eh? :) Who says there is no Santa????!!!! :)


Barb said...


The book! What an incredibly special gift. Kudos to Don.


Maniphone said...

I HAVE to see the book when we visit next! Did Don fit all the photos in one book?!