Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"Christmas Day in Madison...."

Don and I spent Christmas in Madison this year. The plans to celebrate in Michigan were to go the weekend after Christmas Day, which is what we did.

Here is Don prior to our beginning opening presents. He made me wait until we'd had coffee, read some of the morning paper.....UNTIL I'd had enough and said it is NOW time for presents!!!! :)

We now have another parrot in the house...."Squawkers Macaw". :) No feeding or "cleaning up" after this one.....(although he does "pass gas" upon command.....excusing himself of course, too!) Copper and Zack are very much interested in him......

This is the vest that I knitted for Don. Happily, it fits him very well. :) It was my first attempt at cables.

Don got some cognac.......

and some 15 year old Scotch......he IS a happy guy!

More Christmas photos of here and in Michigan to follow.....

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