Saturday, March 1, 2014

"Roof Snow Removal....."

Even though Don has been good about going out and raking snow from our roof, ice and snow have still built up and have caused us a few problems....water drips a few weeks ago in the main floor bedroom, which thankfully, stopped after a few hours, and recently, in the great room around the window overlooking the front porch.

Our temporary solution was to line the windowsill with plastic food containers......

Thank goodness for our bread storage container!  It was large enough to take care of the main drip point, otherwise we'd have had some overflow by morning.  As you can see in this photo, the built up ice has slid a bit more out and away from the end of the roof, but has not broken off.  Our temperatures have been in the single digits or lower as of late.

Don made a phone call yesterday morning about having someone come and do some ice/snow removal from the roof and we were very fortunate that he found someone who could come out late in the afternoon.  Not only were they able to come and check out the job, but were willing to do it right away!  Hired!!!!  Up they went and began the job of removing as much as they could with Don out there to document the event.  :)

Don has only been able to reach so far up the roof with the roof rake so having it cleared up to the peak will help enormously.  Notice the ice overhang has been removed?  The great room is so much brighter this morning.  :)

The guys finished as the light left the sky, timing it took close to 2 hours from start to finish.

I took the next couple of photos this AM.  By the way, the dripping has stopped, too.  ;)  We still have some ice build up but it is so much better than before!  Hopefully, we'll have some warmer temperatures soon and get some thawing action started.  :)  When enough thawing happens, the roof will clear in one big sliding moment!  This has happened on the far side of the roof which is a shorter section.

All of the ice and snow removed from the roof has brought the base of the pile of snow, which began by Don's raking, onto the front porch.  I think we're safe from it coming much closer.  ;)

Soon all this will be but a we will look back on when we reminisce about our first Winter in Interlochen.  :)


Nan Talley said...

Now, that is a lot of snow! Thank you very much, but I'll take our warm temperatures in San Antonio where it is to be close to 80 today.

Me and My Dog . . . and My RV said...

I remember the snow on the roof when I lived in the Sierras. I loved the snow - but when it was all done and the dripping started - it kind of drove me crazy. It was my first time living in snow, and I had no idea I'd be listening to drip-drip-drip for days. Then there would be the big sliding noise. Yeaaaaaa, no more dripping. I didn't know people hired out to remove snow from the roof. Good idea. I love your photos. :)