Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Helinox Collapsible Chair......"

When Don was perusing the Canoecoppia Catalog for this years event, he saw an advertisement for a lightweight collapsible chair which he thought would be perfect for having along with him for rest stops when biking.  As seen in the photo below, he ordered and received one.  :)

Small, lightweight and easily packed on his recumbent bike to be brought out when he stops for a longer rest while on one of his "higher mileage" rides.  Here is the frame and the chair cover is seen behind Don on the chair.

The frame assembled and the cover about to be slipped in place......

Here it is fully assembled.  I was surprised at how tall it is!  I was expecting it to be more the height of a low folding beach chair.

The fully assembled chair with one comfortably seated and very pleased consumer.  ;)

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