Monday, March 10, 2014

Transplanted Seedlings....."

When checking the Aero Garden which holds the heritage tomato seedlings, I found that the water pump in the Aero garden had died.  Thankfully, Don had taken the precaution when ordering seed pods from the company, by adding a replacement pump to the list of things ordered.  I figured since I was disassembling the unit, I may as well transplant the seedlings before replacing the pump.

The transplants now sit in the east facing window of the great room, where hopefully, they will be joined by more transplants in the next few weeks.  :)

After replacing the pump and cleaning the Aero Garden, I sowed 2 more pods of tomato seeds, 1 of Golden Grape and the other Hana, 3 pods of CA Wonder Bell Peppers, and 2 pods of Belstar Broccoli.  Looks like I will have "succession plantings" out of necessity as suggested by many of the gardening books.  :)

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Maniphone said...

Fun to see seedlings come to life. Spring is finally here (I hope)!