Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"A Redo......"

Replacing the pump in the old Aero Garden worked fine for a few days.  This morning I was surprised and somewhat dismayed to find the pump once again not working.  SO.......rather than replace the pump with another one we have, which, for some reason I remember as being "used", I decided to use the Aero Garden only for its "light timer" and not for its hydroponics.  I replanted all 7 of the seed pods into soil filled #2 Jiffy-Pots, plus I sowed a few more peat pots of Cal Wonder Red Bell Peppers and Belstar Broccoli, bringing their total to 6 pots of each.  To use the extra space in my plastic drain containers, I added 3 peat pots of a dwarf heritage tomato I had purchased, thinking I would try it in the Aero Garden because of its height, called Green Martian, and 2 peat pots of Sweet Basil.  It is a bit early to plant the basil for the garden beds but since I had the room and peat pots (which can be planted without disturbing root systems), I thought I would experiment.

I took the Golden Grape Tomato Aero Garden pod and added it to the windowsill group, filling out the number of pots the drain container could hold.  Why waste space, eh?  :)  It allowed me to plant the 2nd Sweet Basil pot for under the Aero Garden lighting system.  As you can see from this photo, we have brilliant sunshine today as we have had for the past few days.  Hopefully, the lengthening daylight will give these plants what they need to stay healthy.

All of our plants are enjoying the bright sunshine and longer daylight.  :)

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