Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"Our Flower House Pop Up Greenhouse Arrived!"

I had talked with Don about hardening off our indoor seedlings when it came time to set them outside.  They need protection but also need to adjust to temperatures and light intensity.  I searched online and at a very reasonable price ($150.00 with free shipping) we ordered this little collapsible greenhouse from Flower House.  Another thing I like about it, is that it will be able to be set up over our metal fire ring raised bed, warming that up and giving it a head start with the growing season, too!

Here it is lying at my feet......

It assembles very quickly, too.

How about the static it caused making it a "hair raising experience"?

Here it is with the interior cross bars and roof bar installed.

And here it is totally set up for its photo op.  ;)

When disassembled, it has a zippered carrying case for packing it away.  It also comes with a "shade cloth", along with stakes to anchor it securely to the ground.  I "think" we will be setting it up on the cement pad next to the garage first for hardening off plants, so will be anchoring it with something like cement blocks, but will eventually move it over the converted fire ring and get something planted/growing in that.


Janice Zindel said...

Nice pop-up greenhouse! Should be very useful getting plants ready to move into the garden. Are you in Zone 3 there with mid-June last frost like we are?

Barb said...

Oh you are so much better at gardening than I am! Love the new greenhouse,and I see your aerogarden in the background. Yikes! I really need to get going!