Wednesday, March 19, 2014

"Ice Damming Lets Loose....."

Even with all the melting of snow and ice from the roof that has already taken place, we still had a huge piece of ice hanging onto and over the edge of the house roof this morning.  That is until a few minutes ago when it totally let loose and crashed onto/into the porch area, taking out one of the support beams and the built in bench seat.

The base of the support beam is moved a couple of feet towards the house now.....

And totally disconnected from the roof beam.

The ice came down with a force we certainly didn't expect, splintering some of the wood of the built in bench seat.

It also pushed everything on the porch towards the house, so at this time, we are not able to go out the front door.  We'll be taking care of that soon as we need access to the wood rack to keep "the home fires burning".

Owning a home brings many joys, but also brings some unexpected issues, too.  To be "optimistic", I will call this experience "exciting".  ;)

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KatoWi said...

I experienced something similar about a week ago. I was getting ready for work when I heard this tremendous rumbling and the whole house seemed to be shaking. After standing dumbstruck for a few moments, I looked outside to see a pile of snow and ice on the back deck that was not there earlier. It was kinda scary, actually, before I figured out what was happening.