Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"First Home Baked Bread in the New Kitchen......"

Having gotten the new, to me, kitchen somewhat organized, I decided to bake bread this morning.  I've not had my own baked sourdough bread (but I kept the starter alive all this time) since before we listed the Madison house.......much too long ago.  ;)

The oven is an electric one and will be soon replaced with a new gas one, but for now, ya gotta use what ya gotta use, right?  :)

The bread has been mixed, kneaded, risen once, and then formed into loaves.......

I took this photo after its 2nd rising while waiting for the ovens temperature to reach 350 degrees.

It took 20 minutes longer to bake compared to when I baked bread in Madison.  From the looks, smell, and "correct sounding Thunk", I think it will be worth the extra time.  ;)


Janice Zindel said...

They look delicious, Michael, makes me want to go down and bake bread. Instead will be weaving, but know those loaves will haunt me! New home looking wonderful, look forward to hearing and seeing more as you settle in.

Bobbin Doctor said...

Nothing makes for a sense of home on a cool day than baking bread! I can practically smell it from here!!

Congratulations on your beautiful new home and best wishes for many wonderful new adventures..... I'm looking forward to hearing about them!

Nan Talley said...
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Nan Talley said...

Nice Kitchen and could you ship some of that bread to California?