Thursday, June 6, 2013

"New Hanging Pot Rack....."

Last Saturday, I decided that we needed a hanging pot rack over the window at the end of the kitchen.  I did quite a bit of online searching until I found one that I thought would be perfect.  I sent the link to Don, explaining my thoughts, etc. and when he wrote back, he told me to expect it to arrive on Wednesday!  I guess my reasoning was pretty persuasive, eh?  ;)

So, arrive it did yesterday late afternoon.

I set about unpacking it (something I'm getting really, really good at!) and gathered the tools needed to install it.  It was up within a very short time and in use, holding our pots and pans.  Here is a photo of the installed pot hanger.  Sorry about the camera flash in the glass.......

Having the pot hanging rack opens up some other much needed shelving.  Progress, eh?  ;)


Janice Zindel said...

Wonderful new kitchen, see you're enjoying it already! Can see you making soups and baking breads in winter with snow falling outside, or great summer meals for dining on the porch or deck in summer. Always wanted a pot rack, but had a tall husband! Perhaps someday?

Nan Talley said...

your pot rack is the coolest I have seen!